Mission • Values • Trajectory

Mission Statement

Endicott is a highly focused development company whose mission is to “produce biodiesel and other renewable fuels to the highest quality standard at a cost that represents value to our customers enabled by superior, proven, and patent protected technology in world-class processing facilities built and operated by Endicott safely, efficiently, with low environmental impact, and high operability”.

Endicott Values

  • Economic and environmental sustainability are necessary to build a long term viable biofuel industry.
  • Reducing dependence on imported oil is important to America’s future.
  • Endicott’s operations will be safe, low cost, efficient, and consistently produce high quality product.
  • Only win-win relationships are enduring and worthwhile.
  • Simple fundamental approaches to problem solving yield the best results.
  • Endicott’s most important asset is its people and their ability to operate as a team.
  • Success cannot be maintained without a culture of continuous improvement.

Endicott Trajectory


mission values trajectory